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Sweets & Treats

Assorted Sweet Trays A selection of our homemade squares and sweets including; Raspberry Coconut Square Lemon squares Date squares (Gluten free available) Dark chocolate brownies (Gluten free available) Skor chocolate brownie Carrot cake with cream cheese icing Magic bar Triple chocolate brownies Confetti squares (Gluten free) $3.25 per person plus tax & gratuity

  Cookie Tray An assortment of our homemade baked cookies including; Ginger Molasses, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Monster, Pecan chocolate chip & Hermit $2.10 per cookie plus tax & gratuity

Fresh fruit platters Include; melons, pineapple, citrus & fresh berries

Small Platter (feed up to 10 people) $25.00

Medium Platter (feeds up to 20 people) $50.00

Large Platter (feeds up to 30 people) $75.00

Seasonal fresh fruit skewers with vanilla yogurt $2.95 per person

Whole Cakes - we have four stocked whole cakes to sell, flavors include; Vanilla buttercream, Chocolate fudge, Lemon and a German Chocolate. $36.00 per cake, the cakes feed 8-12 people.