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Hot Lunch Selection

Add plates, cutlery and napkins at a charge of $.50per person
Delivery is $8.00 depending on delivery distance. A 10% gratuity is added to all caterings.

Fajita Bar $12.99

Grilled chicken 
Sautéed onions & peppers, Rice or Garden Salad, Tortilla chips, Fajita toppings include: 
Grated cheddar Cheese, lettuce, tomato, hot peppers, sour cream & salsa

Dinner portion $16.99
(Minimum of 10 people)

Swedish Meatballs
Meatballs with a creamy beef & mushroom sauce on a bed of soft egg noodles
Served with garden salad

Vegetarian or meat lasagna served with garlic toast & Caesar salad $12.99
(Minimum of 10 people)

Individual turkey or beef pot pie

rich & creamy meat pot pies, $11.99
With seasoned beef or roast turkey and vegetables. Served with a garden salad

Individually portioned quiche, selection includes: $10.99

Broccoli and cheddar,
Western (ham, green pepper, onion & cheddar)
Bacon & Parmesan cheese

Served with your choice of garden or Caesar & rolls

Meatball Sub

Beef meatballs in a marinara sauce, sprinkled with fresh Parmesan cheese $10.99

On an Italian crusty bun with choice of Caesar of garden salad
(Will send all parts, assembly required, minimum of 10 people)


served with salsa & sour cream, and choice of garden or Caesar salad $11.99

Selection includes:

BBQ chicken, sautéed onion & cheese
Black beans, veggies & cheese
(Minimum of 10 people)

Baked ciabatta sandwich
served Caesar or Garden salad $10.50
Choice of two;

BBQ chicken, bacon, tomato & cheddar cheese
Roast beef, with sautéed pepper, onion, mushroom & Swiss cheese
Goat cheese, spinach, roasted red pepper & pesto mayo
(Minimum of 8 people)

The Classics Sandwich Platter

Sandwiches are prepared on an assortment of freshly baked breads including; a selection of ryes, multigrain, whole wheat, white, and cheese. Sandwich selection includes; tuna salad, roast turkey, salmon salad, ham & cheese, egg salad & roast beef, turkey salad, cheese, tomato, pesto & mayo. All sandwiches are prepared with a variety of vegetables and dressings. Vegetarian and gluten free sandwiches are available upon request.

1 sandwich per person $6.99 per person
1 ½ sandwiches per person $9.99 per person

1 wrap per person $7.99 per person
1 ½ wraps per person $10.99 per person

The Premium Sandwich & Wraps Platter

Sandwiches are prepared on an assortment of freshly baked breads including; a selection of ryes, multigrain, whole wheat, white, and cheese Corn Beef on Rye. Sandwiches & wraps include;

Turkey & bacon club
Chicken with a pesto mayo, Swiss cheese, lettuce tomato on
The Andy Boy – Chicken, goat cheese, caramelized onions, spinach & red pepper mayo
Veggies & Cheddar wrap with poppy seed dressing
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Tuna salad wrap with tomato & cheddar
Chicken with goat cheese warp with dried cranberries & spinach
Mediterranean wrap with chicken, tzatziki, tomato green peppers, cucumber & feta
Smoky “Flaver” BBQ wrap with chicken, cheddar, bacon, spinach & crispy onions

1 per person $10.25 per person
1 ½ per person $13.25 per person

Salad – salads are offered by the bowl, small serves up to 10, and large up to 18

Selection of salads includes: Small Large

Caesar salad with creamy Caesar dressing, croutons & crispy bacon $28.50 $44.00

Tossed garden salad, served on mixed greens, tomato, cucumber & peppers $28.50 $44.00

Spinach salad with strawberries, candied walnuts & red onion $31.50 $47.50

Pasta Greek salad – tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, olives & feta $33.00 $49.50

Soup – Add soup to any sandwich selection for $3.50 per person

Selection of soups includes;

**Chicken & Rice
Tomato Bisque
Cream of Spinach
Butternut squash
Potato & Bacon
Turkey vegetable
**Bean Medley
**Split pea with ham

Gluten Free

** These items are prepared without the use of flour, and are suitable for people with gluten restrictions. Look for our gluten free dessert choices below.